Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pictures On My Pillow!

Today I wanted to do a review of a photo pillow case I made on the York Photo website. I had a coupon code to make a pillowcase for $5 and I hadn't heard of York Photo before so I wanted to given them a shot.

So this is the pillowcase I made and I have to say I was really excited to see it when I opened the package!  The pillowcase itself is a really soft jersey cotton fabric which my daughter loves.  And all of the printed elements look great!

A princess crown with my princess's name!

A Mommy, Daddy and baby owl :)
As far as the process of designing the pillowcase on the York Photo website, I thought it was really easy.  You pick a design template or you can start from scratch.  I picked a template and then I was able to change the background, add text and clip art and drop in my photos.  It really took no time at all and I thought it was really user-friendly.  I was also impressed by the amount of options you had to pick from for backgrounds and clip art.  I've been on other site where the selection is quite limited and I'm happy this was not the case here.

So with my coupon code for $5 and shipping of $5.99 this project cost $10.99 to my door.  I thought the shipping was a little high but overall I am quite pleased and would definitely order another! The shipping was also really fast.  I didn't have to wait long at all for this to arrive.

I did want to mention that this pillow case is pretty large.  I have a standard queen size pillow and you can see there's still room so you could probably use this on a king sized pillow.  My daughter loves seeing her face on the pillow, it's so funny to watch her touch the pictures.

York Photo has a deals section on there website and while they don't have a code for the pillow case right now, there are codes for lots of other products including a blanket!  I might have to try that!  Keep in mind photo gifts like these make awesome Christmas gifts. Oh and as a new customer you also get some free prints which is always nice!

If you'd like to try out York Photo you can create a free account here. (Yup, that's my referral link!)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY Cell Phone Case

Ba-bling!  I'm not a terribly flashy person.  But there are some things that I just feel should be over the top.  For some reason, cell phone cases are one of those things.

If you have a phone other than an iPhone, sometimes it's hard to find a cool case for your phone.  In my case I have a Motorola Photon.  So what's the next best thing?  To make one yourself of course!

I got everything I needed for this project off Amazon.  I'm sure you could find the stuff elsewhere, but I love Amazon so I order everything off there.  You will need three things.  A clear case for your phone, some E6000 glue and a deco set.

There are a ton of cool deco sets out there in lots of color combinations.  And believe me you will get more than enough bling.  I have plenty leftover for another project! 

There are a ton of kits to choose from.  Here's some of my favorites: a black and red Betty Boop theme, an all pink Eiffel Tower theme, a pink and black Hello Kitty one, and finally a blue and pink Hello Kitty one

This is the process I suggest you use to make your case.  First before you start working on your project, make sure that the case fits your phone!  It would be really awful to finish it and then it doesn't quite fit right.  Next I did a dry run of the big pieces.  I didn't lay out all the little rhinestones but I wanted to get an idea of where I wanted the big bling and how much I could fit on the case.  Then I glued down the bigger items first.  And last I spread the glue on the case in small sections and applied the little rhinestones with tweezers.  I found this far more effective than putting the glue on the rhinestones and then putting them on the case (I tried that first).  It's much easier to glue the case and then apply the stone to that.  Plus this glue dries clear so no one will see it.  Then just let your case dry for 48 hours and it's set for use!

I get a lot of compliments on this case. It is super fun and way over the top.  Oh and it does make my phone weigh like double what it should, but it's totally worth it.