Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making Page Kits

So this week I don't have an actual project to post because I have been working on making page kits. I got this idea from another blogger, I wish I had saved the link but I must have forgotten. I have so little time to scrap during the week and when I read about this method I thought it would help me get more done when I'm short on time. I spend so much time wondering where to start! So these page kits eliminate that. For these I ordered 12.5x12.5 cellophane bags off of ebay. I got a set of 100 bags for about $19 shipped. These are basically the same bags that you get class kits in at Archiver's. So in each bag I put patterned paper, colored card stock if I plan on using it, any special die cuts or embellies, and the photos I know I want to use with this paper. I'm not putting the neutral card stock in the kits, I'll have that separate. Each kit I have enough stuff to do anywhere from one to four pages. I figure this will speed up my scrapping during the week, when I have little time, and also make it easy for me to grab and go to crops.

So this is what my floor looks like right now! ha ha. I've got all my stacks out, and that's another thing I like. This makes me go through my paper stash and use what I have! I'm also making page kits for cards kits. Other things you can include in your kits - sketches if you have something in mind, you can go ahead and cut your titles out on your silhouette or cricut and put those in the kits, you can include notes for your journaling, whatever makes your life easier!
So that's it for this week! I'm going to continue putting my kits together until I can see my floor again! Hope everybody has a great week! And thanks to everybody following me now and leaving comments! I love you guys!

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  1. NICE!!! i'm home all day - so i just kinda pick and choose. LOL and the weekend are pretty free. I have tried this method - but it doesn't seem to work for me IF i'm the one putting it together for myself LOL I just grab my DT kits, pictures and go hehehe the work's already cut out for me. I'm so lazy!