Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am SO excited today!  I actually got picked for the top 3 at the Case Study challenge blog!  I am very, very happy about this!  If you'd like to see the card it's actually the next post down.  :D  So I'm just excited about that today.  I haven't gotten a lot of scrapping done this week, I've had one of those summer colds - yuck.

I did start working in my Smash book a little bit.  I added some quotes that I wanted to remember to the first page, I put a pocket right at the beginning to hold cards and bigger items, and then on the next page I actually started "smashing" in some various things.  I think this is such a neat catch-all concept.  Granted if you have a bind-it-all or a cinch, you could easily make one yourself, but I don't have those tools and I think $12 is worth it for the shear convienence of it already made up.

I love the little pockets.

This is a favorite Mark Twain quote and I think it works great in this book.

Various things - I can't wait to dig through my drawers for more stuff that I know I've stashed away.

So that's it for today.  I hope to have a new card for you guys tomorrow.  Thanks to all my new followers!  It really makes my deal to read all of your wonderful comments!  As always, Happy Scrappin!

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