Wednesday, February 12, 2014

January Photo Challenge

Photo Challenges are pretty popular lately. So last month I decided to come up with my own monthly photo challenge.  You can check out that post here! So for January the challenge was Cold.  That was pretty easy considering how crazy cold it has been lately!  I narrowed it down to two photos.  Here they are!

Beautiful, right?  It's icy and cold and just frozen in time.  I love this shot that my husband took.  It really makes you not feel so bad it's so cold all the time!

Then here's my shot.  My daughter walking around in the snow for the first time.  And you can tell by her face that she is not impressed!  I love snow, but how she looks, that's how I'm feeling today when they are saying there's more on the way.  Enough already!  Let's bring out the swimsuits and sun screen.  Momma needs some sunshine!

Did you take a "cold" photo for January?  I'd love to see it if you did!  And for those playing along, the word for February is - Sweet.

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