Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Under The Sea Sensory Bin

I wanted to start sharing some of the sensory activities I'm doing with my little girl.  I haven't been very crafty lately but I have been doing a lot of activities with her.  So here's the first one.  We do a lot of sensory bins.  These are so fun and easy to put together!

Yesterday was a super rainy day and we were cooped up inside.  So I thought we'd make water a theme for the day.  We had lunch with goldfish crackers included and watched The Little Mermaid .  Then we played with this super cool Under The Sea sensory bin.

Here's what I put in the bin:  glass rocks and aquarium gravel as the base, aquarium plants, gems found in fish section, an aquarium castle, some decorate sea shells and various plastic fish/water creatures. Then I added a pitcher full of luke warm water. There was a bunch to explore.  It might have been a bit too much for my 18 month old.  I think next time I will limit it a little more until she's a bit older.

There were lots of textures for her to explore in this bin! She really loved the feel of the plants and their bright colors.

She's in a very loving stage right now! Everything gets hugs and kisses.  So the plants were hugged.  Naturally.

This starfish came with the decorative seashells I had bought.  It was a little basket with a bunch of shells for $2 at Rite-Aid. The only issue was the coloring on the starfish started to come off in the water.  I didn't think about how it was dyed.

She picked up everything and turned it over in her hands. She had a great time playing with all the different elements.

This bin was overall a success.  At the end she did pick up a few of the glass rocks and put them in her mouth which I immediately removed and told her no.  She tried two more times while laughing as I took the stones out of her mouth (3 strikes you're out) and I took the bin away.  She was done with it anyway so she didn't seem to care.

I think this bin will be much better for her when she over 2.  I do think this was a bit ambitious for her at this age, even though she enjoyed it.  I do have some more appropriate activities I'll be posting about later this month though!  So please come back and visit!

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